SUBJECT : May no morning ever follows All is true, where Simon was born. Now, he is a young adult, struggling between his desire to achieve projects, fulfil his dreams — especially an app, and his fear to lose, to be abandoned.


  • May no morning ever, novel (142p)
  • May no morning ever, film (70 min)
  • Letters to Rebecca, video installation
  • Reconstructions, series of drawings
  • All is true, sonic, sound artwork (8 tracks, 53 min)
  • Clock, sound artwork (dedicated software)
  • Embraces (Rebecca & Simon), series of photographs
  • Embraces (Rebecca & Pablo), series of photographs
  • Ivri, series of photographs
  • Marked papers
  • Posters, cyanotypes & excerpts of the novel
  • Ni aucun soir, mobile app


SYNOPSIS : Simon just finished his studies and now dedicates himself to the development of his app, that would connect people, but just for a certain amount of time « because what is ephemeral is always more precious », as he says. A project he wishes to experiment in his own life, with his new friends, Mircea and Rivière, that he named : May no morning ever guarantee the night to come.

5 excerpts from the film (wip, not yet subtitled)