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Simon (inachevé / unfinished) est un projet de Soma Anders avec Romain Kronenberg, Simon, Thomas Jaspers, Felix Jeanneret & Zoé Jaspers

Simon 2/ May no morning ever

SUBJECT : May no morning ever follows All is true, where Simon was born. Now, he is a young adult, struggling between his desire to achieve projects, fulfil his dreams…

Simon 1/ All is true

SUBJECT A morning of spring in front of the building where they used to meet, four people in their early twenties are the victims of an attack :…

Simon (English)

INTRODUCTION SUBJECT : The project follows the path of a young man who is born in the novel Tout est vrai [All is true] and who we meet again adult…

Simon 1/ Tout est vrai


Simon 2/ Sans qu’aucun matin