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Simon 2/ May no morning ever

SUBJECT : May no morning ever follows All is true, where Simon was born. Now, he is a young adult, struggling between his desire to achieve projects, fulfil his dreams…

Simon 1/ All is true

SUBJECT A morning of spring in front of the building where they used to meet, four people in their early twenties are the victims of an attack :…

Music for work

Depuis plusieurs années, lorsque je suis au travail, que j’écrive un roman, un scénario, que je photographie ou même parfois que je filme, j’écoute une musique bien choisie,…



Boaz (English)

INTRODUCTION Subject : Boaz is the legend. It is the postulate of the narrative and it’s the community where the young man lives that says so, because people…

Simon (English)

INTRODUCTION SUBJECT : The project follows the path of a young man who is born in the novel Tout est vrai [All is true] and who we meet again adult…

Simon 1/ Tout est vrai


Simon 2/ Sans qu’aucun matin